Multi-Room Audio

In today’s modern world the amount of music and streaming services are greater than ever and with a multi-room music system installed, every room in your house can have access to them. Each room is totally independent and you can listen to different music at different volume levels. When entertaining, all rooms can be grouped together to play the same music throughout for party time! Program an alarm to wake you up with your favourite radio station or track of music.

Ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, on wall speakers and even plaster over speakers can be installed. All wired back to a central hub where amplifiers and source equipment are hidden.

Control of these systems are via an app on any smartphone or tablet. Any music services you may subscribe to such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple music can be linked to your system.

Multi-Room Video

Imagine every TV in your house could access any of your TV services that you subscribe to all in stunning ultra high definition. BT vision, Sky, Virgin along with an Apple TV or even a movie server such as one from Kaliedescape.

By using a video matrix stored in a central hub with all source equipment this is possible. No more unsightly cables and set top boxes at the TV location just a programable remote control that will control the TV and all connected source equipment.

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